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Human, Not Enough Human

Penser une éthique animale qui ne serait pas uniquement basée sur un registre partagé de dissemblances et/ou de ressemblances… Accorder des droits aux “animaux” (prière de préciser qui sont et ce que font ces “animaux” et de reconnaître alors les limites d’une définition ontologique précaire) sur la simple base de nos humanités, c’est oublier un […]



+ “‘Life’ signifies many things. To begin with, it is a philosophical abstraction referring to our meaningful existence in the world. But ‘life’ also refers to biological processes taking place at environmental, social and cellular levels, as well as technical experiments with media, computer systems and biological models. Life as such doesn’t therefore exist: it […]


Paralyzed Rat

“Inspired by the call for pragmatism, Courtine has worked to develop a new approach to treating spinal cord injuries, which affect some 50,000 people around the world each year. Rather than focus on the classic approach of trying to rehabilitate fibers, he tried a different approach, wanting to “reawaken the neural network that coordinates locomotion.”’ +