“‘Life’ signifies many things. To begin with, it is a philosophical abstraction referring to our meaningful existence in the world. But ‘life’ also refers to biological processes taking place at environmental, social and cellular levels, as well as technical experiments with media, computer systems and biological models. Life as such doesn’t therefore exist: it is always mediated by language, culture, technology and biology. It is these multiple mediations of life that form the theme of this symposium Biomediations: Art, Life, Media. The term ‘biomediations’ encapsulates life’s own inherent dynamism that unfolds at environmental, social and cellular level. It also captures the creative, dynamic and evolving nature of media. The symposium will explore this intertwined process, whereby life is always mediated and whereby media themselves are living – i.e. composed of both technological and biological elements, and capable of generating new forms, unprecedented connections and unexpected events.”

Symposium @ Goldsmiths

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