Name : LibertySpecies : Bald EagleOrigin : Reproduction centerCurrent Habitat : National AviaryDiet : Rodents, often dead, sometimes alive

+“Established as the national emblem of the United States in 1782,the bald eagle is a treasured symbol of liberty“//

At the foot of her promontory isa commemorative plate for an ancient Independance War prison…

Mouse Trap

Name : XXXSpecies : Mus musculus domesticus Origin : Medical lab Current Habitat : Rodent section of the Mammals division of the NHMDiet : Taxidermists’ chemistry

+Richard Pell‘s files : “These mice were donated to the Smithsonian bya researcher at a nearby Navy medical lab prior to the end of World War II…”


Once upon a time…

Name : Bronx ZooSpecies : Jardinus zoologicus mutandisOrigin : The New York Zoological Society(later interestingly renamed to Wildlife Conservation Society)Habitat : Encaged lineages, children’s dreams and collective imaginariesDiet : Thousand of visitors and institutional funding+

The history (and mutations) of one of the oldest zoos in the world tellsa lot about the history (and mutations) of a western perspective on animals.At the beginning of the century, beasts were usually perceivedas necessarily extraordinary and simply exposed to avid urban eyes.A hundred years later, being a tiger or a bison is not enoughand what attracts visitors is changing.Conservation has gain advantage on shows.Endangered sells better than exotic…