Media Archeology & Technological Debris at University of London “This workshop aims to bring established academics, PhD students, and early career researchers together to discuss emerging research projects on the field of media studies. It means to combine the thriving approach of media archaeology with the growing environmental concerns about technological debris, emphasizing the complementary […]

On Canada Goose (and slaughterings)

“Summertime is almost here, which, for New York City’s goose population, means it’s molting season. Ordinarily, it’s a time for the birds to shed their wing and tail feathers and grow new ones in preparation for migration. But since 2009, when a gaggle of migratory geese led to the “Miracle on the Hudson” emergency plane […]

Of Mice and Men

“Meaney pursued the question of individual differences by studying how the rearing habits of mother rats caused lifelong changes in their offspring. Research dating back to the 1950s had shown that rats handled by humans for as little as five to 15 minutes per day during their first three weeks of life grew up to […]

Exotic Meat

“It’s no surprise that in this information age, when consumers are able to be much more discerning than ever before, the demand for exotic meats is exploding. ExoticMeats.Com is part of a national market that has seen annual sales skyrocket from about $110 million to more than $340 million in only a few short years. […]