Name : Game Park SafariSpecies : (Used to be) Wild Animal Petting ParkOrigin : Mary and Bob TenneyCurrent habitat : Oregon Pacific coastDiet : Sales (tickets and Felidae) ” While hand-raising and presenting the wild has been our specialty, visitors can expect to see an extensive array of majestic adult lions, tigers, snow leopards, bears, […]


Name : The Hearst Garden of Comparative ZoologySpecies : Private zooOrigin : Delusion of grandeurCurrent habitat : Californian wild coastDiet : Memories “William Randolph Hearst created the largest private zoo in the world on his ranch at San Simeon. Traveling the winding ranch road to Hearst Castle guests passed through fenced fields populated with many […]

Queen of Animals

Name : Wildlife WaystationSpecies : SanctuaryOrigin : Hollywood ShowBeastness leftoversCurrent habitat : Angeles National ForestDiet : Donations Source “Founded in 1976 by wildlife lover and expert Martine Colette, the Wildlife WayStation is a national non-profit, holding rehabilitation, medical and problem solving refuge for native, wild and exotic animals. Located in the Angeles National Forest, north […]


Name : BiologgingSpecies : Geolocalisation technologyOrigin : NASACurrent habitat : wingsDiet : Conservation Projects Source “James Sheppard is a spatial and landscape ecologist, with a broad interest in the movement patterns, habitat use and resource selection of endangered wildlife. Spatial ecology is the fastest growing field in ecology, and is being driven by rapid developments […]


Name : ID numbersSpecies : Gymnongyps californianus (Californian Condor)Origin : PleistoceneCurrent habitat : West AmericaDiet : Carrion (now sometimes fed by a puppet condor) + “As the condor‘s population continued to decline, discussion began about starting a captive breeding program for the birds. Opponents to this plan argued that the condors had the right to […]