Animal look

Photographer Vincent J Musi + “Two chickens, both eight weeks old but vastly different in weight, show off size-based breeding by geneticist Paul Siegel at Virginia Tech. “We’re using artificial selection as a tool to look at natural selection. We just accelerate it.” ++


Name : DanaSpecies : Space Pan troglodytesBirthdate : January 01, 1962Current habitat : Florida, World largest chimpanzee sanctuaryDiet : Bananas and peanut buttered pinecone +”In the early 1960s, when Ham was making his first flight into space and Jane Goodall was first encountering chimpanzees in the forests of Gombe, Dana was living in the forests […]

Is captivity longevity?

Name : NellieSpecies : Common bottlenose dolphinOrigin : 1953Habitat : Marineland aquariumsDiet : Only rewards but first quality fish +”Nellie, the world’s oldest dolphin in human care, is approaching 58 years of age and will celebrate her birthday with Marineland staff and visitors. The public is invited to join the festivities at 11 a.m. on […]


Name : ChaserSpecies : Canus domesticus (Border Collie)Origin : …Current habitat : College (Wofford)Diet : Commands+According to Alliston Reid, “This research is important because it demonstrates that dogs, like children, can develop extensive vocabularies and understand that certain words represent individual objects and other words represent categories of objects, independent in meaning of what one […]

Trick or Treat

Name : Duke Lemur CenterSpecies : Prosimian primate research centerOrigin : The human mind and its scientific methodsHabitat : Top notch US college townDiet : Duke University and The National Science Foundation Fundings +About the DLC, also blogging. Source +


Name : People for Ethical Treatment of AnimalHeadquarters : Norfolk, VaSpecies : Non profit militant organisationOrigin : Visionary activist Ingrid Newkirk‘s outrage at cruelty against animalsCurrent habitats : hearts, flesh and minds but also labs, firms, lobbies, plates, courts and convenience-oriented lifestyles.Diet : Vegan +Peta promotes and defends animal rights,using an explosive cocktail ofstrategic provocative […]